Emotional week teddy bear Friends

It’s been an emotional week for Auntie Bec with the passing of Matthew Perry from the beloved show Friends. It was only fitting that I heard the news surrounded by some of my longest and closest friends-those special individuals from my HU crew.

My freshman year at Hamline was the first year Friends aired. There were many, many, many hours logged in third floor lounge watching Thursday night Must See TV.

I truly believe most things in life can be related to a Friend’s episode or just Friends, in general.

Check out the pictures of Auntie Bec’s Boutique and you’ll see plenty of shout outs to Friends.
The sign, the shirt, the 8th grade picture of childhood friends, my Hamline stuff (not pictured) and of course the purple wall.

I even have my You Matter Bear and his new BF Chandler Bing cozied up on the couch greeting the shoppers.

Auntie Bec’s Boutique would not be as successful as it has been without the love and support of all the wonderful friends in my life.